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Dedicated to Creating the Choice of Independent Living Through Volunteer Caregiving

NVCN Round Table Discussion


NVCN Round Table Discussion

Part II: Getting on Message to Demonstrate the Impact of Volunteer Caregiving 

Thursday, August 31, 2017
9 - 10:30 a.m. PST

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Thank you, Thank you!

This roundtable was more informative than many national conference meetings.

You are so right on.... wanting to build a national reputation and create metrics.

We have a long road to completion but it will ensure the viability of our organizations.

--Doretta Herr, Director

Faith in Action of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois


Program Directors Eric Ehst, Arizona's Neighbors Who Care, and Tammy Glenn, California's CAREGIVERS, will return for Part II of our roundtable discussion on Value Metrics. The challenge all program directors wrestle with is how to use the numbers to effectively communicate the value of volunteer caregiving in their respective communities.  Let's continue to talk about it.  If we can perfect our local arguments, then NVCN can make a stronger case for us on the nationally.  We know that Volunteer Caregiving is one of the oldest and most ​success social service models--from ​Boston to Florida, throughout the heartland to the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico.  We know ​this intuitively.​


Notes from our first roundtable discussion:

When one of the participants said, “We’re strong on fluffy,” the roundtable chuckled.  As program directors, we know how to communicate the soft data through compelling stories that touch the heart of anyone with a conscience.   

Program Directors serving today’s movement in Volunteer Caregiving find themselves tasked more and more with being able to communicate hard data that addresses issues like the impact on rehospitalization and nursing homes stays, as examples.  As non-profit leaders, we have to find better ways to move from measuring what we do (# peopled served, volunteers hours, transportations, etc.) to measuring the impact we have value the bottom line for the for-profit funders that are footing our bottom lines.

To that end, the first roundtable discussion was able to drill down on some key outcomes.  These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Economic Value

    • How to calculate the impact on rehospitalization/nursing home stays

    • Additional time in own home (not institutionalized) – Can we use “length of time served by volunteer caregiving” as substitute?

  • Social Isolation/Mental Health

    • How is Volunteer Caregiving impacting your local community?

    • Happiness/reduced depression

    • Improved mental cognition

  • Value of Volunteerism

    • Are we conveying the real value of volunteerism?  Consider competing interests which seek to put a pricetag on one of the nation’s most treasured tenets.

    • Economic value of volunteer hours contributed

    • Did you know Volunteerism lowers the heart rate?

    • Our volunteers “Pay It Forward.”  No need to bank hours.

  • Transportation

    • Connecting the value of transportation to better health

    • Evidence of cost savings

    • We hope to share some advance reading from an academic study that demonstrates our case

  • Value of Volunteer Caregiving to Low Income Clientele

    • Let’s accent/differentiate Volunteer Caregiving through our roots in Faith in Action

    • Find out how Volunteer Caregiving alleviates some of the strain on public resources

And of course, the “proverbial softball,”

  • Quality of Life

    • Human Touch is making a comeback!

    • What price do you put on your ability to live independently in your own home? 

Join us for the next roundtable when we drill down deeper into this topic.

  • What can you do locally to inform these metrics?

  • How can the NVCN Board of Trustees support this effort?

    • Help us identify board candidates who will emphasize outcomes measurement


Let's find a better way to illustrate our impact and strengthen our ties in new arenas where Volunteer Caregiving remains a hidden secret.  RSVP to Info@NVCNetwork.org 

To help us guide this conversation, please submit your questions and thoughts in advance to Eric Ehst <nwcexecdir@gmail.com>; and Tammy Glenn <tammy@vccaregivers.org>;. 

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